From Zero to MVP

At NewGround we’re helping startups and established brands rapidly launch sophisticated new products and services using innovative frameworks and cloud technologies.


We fuse experience and intuition with research and testing to strategically plan, design, deliver and activate market leading digital experiences.

UX / UI Design

Through rapid prototyping and testing we collaboratively create beautiful, useful and rewarding interfaces, platforms and experiences.


We build robust, scalable and maintainable applications and utilities. Our agility enables us to rapidly iterate and and continuously evolve.


We use content to tell engaging and thought provoking stories. Whether it video content, social media content or copywriting.

Instant Search

Instant Search

Powered By Algolia

Algolia’s cloud based search platform supports the rapid implementation of advanced search functionality into any website, app or conversational interface. Instant Search technology allows for the refinement of search results with every keystroke, getting users to the information they seek effortlessly and faster than ever before.

At NewGround, we've partnered with an Australian University to unlock a database of 800+ courses. This technology is helping expose student to a much broader and relevant set of courses as they undertake a life defining decision.

By pairing Algolia with ReactJS and Laravel, NewGround delivered a robust and scalable search platform that effortlessly handle upwards of 30,000 search a day. For context Google now processes a whopping 3.5 Billion searches everyday!

Its never been more important to have your business search powered and search ready.

Conversational UI

Powered By Google

Google’s Dialogflow is a cloud based natural language processing (NLP) platform that supports the development of intelligent and engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces, such as voice apps and chatbots. Whilst optimised for Google Assistant, Dialogflow integrates with a number of popular channel including Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Skype.

Recently we’ve partnered with an Australian wine retailer to help their customers identify and order the perfect wine for their next meal. This technology helps explore wine options in a natural way simply by answering a few questions asked by an automated wine chatbot.

By paring Dialogflow with a Laravel, NewGround delivered a content managed food and wine pairing library that continues to be extended and updated daily.

Conversational UI
Web App

Web App


11 million meetings are held in US workplaces each day — and employees on average attend 62 meetings each month. But how productive are these meetings!

At NewGround, we’re boosting the productivity of our team meetings with a new digital tool designed to codify conversations, streamline decision making and ultimately drive action towards cementing our teams success. Calendar agnostic, the tool seamlessly integrates with our current ways of working and boosts productivity by giving all team members historical access to meeting conversations.

The Laravel framework and cloud technologies have allowed us to rapidly designed and build a sophisitcated tool which will be launching publicly very soon.